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Projects in Development

303 Associates is committed to responsible and sustainable development practices. We are committed to infill development that not only decreases the negative impact of sprawl, but also has positive impacts on the local community. By working closely with local government officials, community organizations, and residents, we strive to create vibrant and thriving spaces that enhance the quality of life for everyone in the area. We believe that our commitment to proper infill development is not only good for the community but also good for business, as it helps attract tenants who share our values and vision for a better future. 


Downtown Hotel & Event Venue

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The following video depicts Port Republic street in Historic Downtown Beaufort, SC once the new hotel, Chambers Cottage, Tabby Place Annex, and Parking Garage are built. 

Zoom information session

The following zoom meeting was held on 3/24/2021.

The session begins at 1:40 seconds.


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